Centennial Leasing & Sales Service Warranty

We believe that our 100% customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business and we hope to continue to grow with your help and support!

3 Month/3,000 Mile Return Guarantee

If the vehicle doesn't suit you or mechanical issues pop up that didn't show on the report, bring it back to us! We want you to be happy with your purchase and our service warranty guarantees just that. We're so confident in our inspection process that we're backing it up with a 3 Month/ 3000 Mile Return Guarantee.

125 Point Inspection

125-point Inspection is done on each vehicle. Within the inspection, the vehicle is inspected across 5 key areas:


We inspect the engine for any leaks, damage, and proper function. We also perform a road test to ensure the engine is running smoothly for acceleration, upshifting, downshifting and more.


The Transmission is the core of your vehicle, so it's important to protect its health by having our technicians check it thoroughly. We inspect fluid levels and overall transmission function to ensure smooth shifting.


We inspect tires to make sure they have enough tread left to give you a safe ride.


We inspect brakes to make sure they're working properly and that there is no damage to the brake components.


We inspect the vehicle's electrical system to make sure all important systems like: ABS, SRS (airbags), power locks, low beams and headlamps are all functional at 100%. This includes overall function of the headlights, tail lights, blinkers, and any other exterior lights.

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